How to Keep Sustainable Fashion Cheap and Affordable

With social media and the access to global news, fast fashion very much went out of style this year. Most people recognise the harmful effects of fast fashion on underpaid workers and the harm done to the planet. When you ask someone why they still choose to support fast fashion, a few things come up: wide choice and costs. When we know fast fashion to definitely mean cheap, it’s a common misconception that slow, sustainable fashion is expensive. But that’s not strictly true!

If we want people to choose sustainable fashion as the alternative, we must make it an easy transition. Here’s how sustainable fashion can be kept inexpensive.


Bulk Buying Fabric

What keeps fast fashion cheap is arguably the cheap and tacky polyester fabric which clothing companies are using for everything. The problem is that polyester often uses toxic chemicals which puts factory workers at risk – and isn’t nice on the skin of the buyer either! At Anunita, we only use the highest quality materials that are sustainable such as silk, cotton and linen. We bulk buy these fabrics in order to keep costs down – knowing that we will continue to commit to these quality fabrics and will always mathematically suss the most effective ways to use them, reducing waste and costs. It also helps to solidify the brand, as multiple pieces with the same textile design are released.

Let Nothing go to Waste

At Anunita, we make sure not to use harmful packaging to send out our pieces and, as you can see above, don’t want any of our fabric going to waste. That’s why we use waste cut off fabrics for our packaging bags. In this way, we do not have to increase our spendings to include packaging materials in the budget and we’re not binning perfectly good material.

Convertible Broad Sizes

Most fast fashion brands use multiple templates to ensure the manufacturing stays fast, but at Anunita we try to work smarter. We work with only two broad sizes that are convertible to other sizes according to customer specifications. Whilst this does initially create more work for ourselves, it means we get to provide something that fast fashion brands can’t – the option for bespoke designs! That means that when a customer really wants something special to be a perfect fit, we’re ready and waiting for their measurements, and we’re not creating waste.

If you’re a sustainable fashion brand and truly committed to the cause but don’t want the consumer to have to pay the price for it, there are multiple ways you can cut costs to lower the price tag, and these are just a great starting point, tried and tested already by us!