About us

Anunita – Eastern-inspired, Western designs

Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

Our Story:

A reflection of my cultural heritage, Anunita, Surrey is a blend of east meets west, contemporary Indo-Western styling for modern, busy women.

Inspired by my mum from a young age, I wanted to combine the lasting influences from my early days in Calcutta, India, with my passion for contemporary western cuts and silhouettes.

Sourcing all of our beautiful, colourful, natural fabrics in India, we create ethical clothing which incorporates an array of traditional artisan skills.

With an emphasis on hand-woven textiles, organic cotton, natural fibres, handcrafted embroidery detailing and the finest Indian silk, our ethical clothing celebrates the best of Indian textiles.

Our statement, eastern-inspired prints celebrate the rich, bold and distinct designs that are a striking feature of Indian fashion.

Designed during my breaks in my Kolkata holiday home, it is my joy to see each piece evolve from an initial sketch to a finished piece. Supporting traditional artisan techniques, such as hand-spun and hand-dyed fabrics, as well as traditional embroidery methods, we are proud to have each piece made in India too.

As at home with trainers or heels, we pride ourselves on our ability to blend the spirit of eastern fashion with the precision of western styling, creating unique, memorable, easy-to-wear pieces that look just as good with jeans, tailored dresses or trousers.

Our style is a celebration of the rich individuality that comes from dual-heritage and global fashion. Our mission is to celebrate the wonderful feast that the diversity of global fashion creates, like each of us, no piece at Anunita, Surrey, is ever the same.